How Graana Saw A 400% Increase In Their Organic Traffic

Case Study By: Salman

Graana SEO Growth

I started working with Graana.com, one of the largest businesses in Pakistan, back in 2021.

Despite the size of its operations and the substantial potential for online visibility, the brand was underrepresented in search engine results.

As an SEO consultant, my challenge was to identify the issues and opportunities, and to implement strategic initiatives that could drive significant organic growth. Here's how I helped Graana achieve a whopping 400% increase in their organic traffic.

Building a Semantic Content Network

To initiate the SEO growth, the first step was creating a semantic content network.

I analyzed and mapped out the key themes, topics, and subtopics relevant to Graana's business and industry. This network acted as a knowledge graph, showcasing how different topics interrelate, and provided a guideline for content creation.

With this map, we could identify the gaps in the existing content and start producing highly relevant, high-quality content that targeted specific keywords and concepts within our network.

We made sure each piece of content linked to others within our network, creating a network of interlinked, semantically related content. This strategy made the content easier for Google to crawl, understand and index, leading to improved organic search visibility.

Training a Team of SEO Writers

Next, I took the responsibility to upskill Graana's content team to align with the new SEO-focused strategy.

It involved training the writers to understand SEO best practices, such as keyword research and usage, creating engaging meta descriptions, and the importance of internal linking.

I also stressed the importance of writing for the reader first, not for the search engine.

I taught the team how to incorporate keywords naturally into their content, ensuring the content remained informative and engaging. The combination of the semantic content network and an SEO-trained writing team resulted in a boost in both the quantity and quality of our organic traffic.

Implementing Technical SEO Fixes

During my initial audit, I had identified multiple technical SEO issues on Graana’s website.

These issues, ranging from slow page load times to poor mobile optimization, were negatively affecting the user experience and Graana's search engine rankings.

One of the most critical fixes we implemented was speeding up the site’s load time.

We did this by optimizing images, leveraging browser caching, and reducing server response time. We also fixed issues related to mobile optimization to ensure the website provided a seamless experience across all devices.

We also fixed issues related to broken links and 404 errors, and optimized the website’s robots.txt file and XML sitemap for better indexability. These fixes, although they might seem minor, were significant in improving Graana’s overall SEO performance.

Building Partnerships for PR Links

To complement our content and technical SEO efforts, we focused on enhancing Graana's backlink profile.

We built partnerships with notable brands within and outside the industry to gain high-quality PR links. This was not only a boon for our domain authority but also drove referral traffic and raised brand awareness.

Outreach to journalists and industry influencers led to organic mentions and backlinks in relevant articles and posts. These inbound links served as signals to search engines of our website's relevance and authority, which further enhanced our search rankings.


As a result of these combined efforts, we saw a dramatic rise in organic traffic.

Within a year, Graana.com experienced a 400% increase in organic traffic, a considerable achievement given the highly competitive nature of their industry.

This surge in organic traffic also resulted in increased leads and conversions, indicating that our efforts didn’t just bring more traffic, but more relevant traffic.

This case study proves that a strategic and comprehensive approach to SEO can yield substantial results, even in highly competitive industries. With the right blend of content strategy, technical SEO, and link building, any business can achieve their organic traffic goals.