Here's How Neo Saw A 33% Increase In Sales

Case Study By: Salman

Neo Sales Growth

With Neo, a prominent brand in a competitive market, the goal was not just to increase visibility and organic traffic, but to drive conversions and ultimately boost sales.

A strategic, comprehensive approach resulted in a substantial 33% increase in sales. Here's a look into the strategies that made this possible.

Identifying Key Informational and Transactional Opportunities

Understanding user intent was the first order of business.

By researching and identifying key informational and transactional opportunities, a clear path was carved to target potential customers at different stages of the buying process.

The team used a range of tools to research keywords, going beyond mere search volume to consider relevance, competition, and buyer intent. This led to a better understanding of the search landscape in Neo's market, enabling the development of a more targeted content strategy that addressed the specific needs and queries of potential customers.

Implementing Technical SEO Fixes

Just like with any other website, Neo's site had its share of technical SEO issues.

The primary focus here was on improving site speed, enhancing mobile optimization, fixing broken links, and ensuring effective crawlability and indexability for search engines.

Each technical issue was meticulously addressed, ensuring a smoother user experience, faster loading times, and ultimately, better rankings on search engine results pages.

All of these factors contributed to a better user experience, increasing the chances of visitors converting into customers.

Gaining Niche Edit Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the strongest signals search engines use to assess the credibility and authority of a website.

For Neo-Online, the focus was on gaining 'niche edit' backlinks.

These are links inserted into existing articles or pages on other websites, making them a cost-effective and efficient link-building strategy.

An intensive outreach program was initiated to connect with relevant websites in the industry. This resulted in acquiring quality backlinks that significantly boosted Neo's domain authority, leading to better search rankings, increased traffic, and, most importantly, a rise in sales.

Enhancing User Experience

Given the competition in the market and the specific needs of Neo's target audience, it was crucial to ensure an exceptional user experience.

The website was redesigned to be more intuitive, easy to navigate, and visually appealing. This was achieved through a combination of strategic design principles, improved site architecture, and by ensuring the site content was easy to read and understand.

This focus on user experience not only increased the overall site engagement but also improved the conversion rate, leading to an increase in sales. A site that is easy to use and navigate not only retains visitors but also converts them into customers.


The combined effort of these strategies led to a notable 33% increase in sales for Neo.

By identifying key informational and transactional opportunities, implementing technical SEO fixes, acquiring niche edit backlinks, and focusing on user experience, Neo's digital presence was significantly enhanced.

This case study demonstrates the importance of a holistic SEO approach that goes beyond increasing organic traffic, focusing instead on conversions and sales. By combining the right strategies, any business, regardless of the competition in its market, can achieve similar results.